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Company's Exhibition at the Automechanika Astana Show in Kazakhstan Apr 26, 2024

From April 17th to April 19th, our company representatives attended the three-day Automechanika Astana 2024, an international automotive parts exhibition held in Kazakhstan. We are delighted to announce that our participation was a resounding success.

(Figure 1)

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On the 14th, our company delegation arrived in Beijing and flew to the host city of the trade show, Astana, Kazakhstan, the following day (see Figure 1-2). The local weather was sunny with clear blue skies (see Figure 3). On the 16th, the delegation promptly set up our exhibition booth, preparing diligently for the bustling event (see Figure 4).

(Figure 3)

(Figure 4)

On April 17th, the Automechanika Astana 2024 officially opened as scheduled and lasted for three days (April 17th to 19th). Our booth attracted numerous visitors, and our representatives enthusiastically and patiently engaged in discussions and explanations with other exhibitors (see Figure 5-6).

(Figure 5)

(Figure 6)

Our main products include various brands of brake master cylinders, brake proportioning valves, clutch master cylinders, clutch proportioning valves, and clutch boosters (see Figure 7). We showcased a variety of products at this exhibition. After gaining a certain level of understanding about the products, many professional attendees and exhibitors expressed strong interest in cooperation (see Figure 8-10). Some even conducted on-the-spot transactions, resulting in our sample inventory being completely booked. During this trade show, we not only established cooperative agreements or intentions with many customers but also engaged in friendly exchanges with colleagues, making numerous new connections. We gained insights into the latest industry trends, broadened our horizons, and discovered new opportunities for our company's future development.

(Figure 7)

(Figure 8)

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(Figure 10)

Through this exhibition, our clients gained a deeper understanding of Kangbos Automotive Parts Technology Co., Ltd., enhancing communication between us and our customers. It elevated our company's brand image and showcased our advantages in product quality and service awareness, as well as the strategic direction of our future development in the coming years.

We will continue to optimize our production line structure, cultivate innovative and service-oriented employees, and expand our communication channels through various media outlets. We strive to provide better services to our customers and friends in the industry.

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