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KOMP attend the INAPA 2023 exhibition on 24th-26th May Jun 09, 2023

KOMP, the leading manufacturer of automotive brake parts,recently participated in the INAPA 2023 exhibition with a range of the top-notch products. Among them, the brake caliper, brake master cylinder, clutch master cylinderbrake wheel cylinder, and clutch slave cylinder grabbed the attention of visitors.

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The brake caliper, specifically designed to apply the brakes to the wheels of a vehicle, drew considerable interest due to its durability and smooth performance. The product's robust construction ensures that it can withstand prolonged use without any wear or tear, making it a suitable choice for any automobile.

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Similarly, the brake master cylinder, which converts the force from the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure, stood out for its superior quality. The cylinder's compact design and minimal maintenance needs make it a popular choice for automotive manufacturers worldwide.

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The clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder were also showcased at the event and were lauded for their outstanding craftsmanship. Both cylinders are critical automotive components that enable the clutch to engage and disengage with ease, ensuring a smooth and effortless drive for the user.

brake slave cylinder

Lastly, the brake wheel cylinder, which is responsible for applying force to the brake shoes, was well-liked by visitors for its consistent performance and exceptional longevity. The wheel cylinder's sturdy construction and corrosion-resistant material make it an ideal choice for use in harsh conditions.

brake wheel cylinder

Overall, the KOMP team at INAPA 2023 was thrilled with the positive response received for its range of brake and clutch products. They also expressed their commitment to developing and manufacturing high-quality automotive parts that are well-suited to the needs of their customers, and look forward to bringing more exceptional products to market in the coming years.

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